Processing Services

Loctite© Service Center

NAC is the region’s exclusive provider of Loctite© RESINOL RTC Anaerobic Impregnation services, offering complete anaerobic sealants for porous materials. Loctite© Resinol RTC is a low-viscosity water-washable sealant for the impregnation of porous materials to minimize the risk of leakage in pressure-tight applications.

CNC Machining

Nebraska Aluminum Castings offers horizontal and vertical machine centers and automated CNC (computer numerical control) lathes for the manufacture of complicated three-dimensional parts of all sorts.


Lapping is the machine process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive between them. NAC’s lapping processes include wet-lap and single- and double-sided fine grinding to a flatness of less than .0005 inch and a surface finish of 40 RMS (root mean square).

Shot Blasting

NAC utilizes rotary barrel and spinner hanger machines to deburr and descale parts and provide textured surface finishing. Our shot blasting services also include burnishing with stainless steel media.

Ball Burnishing

NAC can use steel media burnishing for flash removal and deburring on parts. This process can also create a polished surface finish and also strengthen parts.

Vibratory Finishing

Our vibratory finishing services include the use of ceramic media to deburr parts placed in the tub of a vibratory tumbler.

Assembly & Subassembly

Nebraska Aluminum Castings can provide assembly and subassembly services in-house.